The Recipient by Audrey J. Cole

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For those looking to read a novel supported by the independent market, you may be interested in reading The Recipient by Audrey J. Cole. An Emerald City crime thriller that investigates a psychopathic serial killer known as ‘The Seattle Slasher.’ The only problem is, their main suspect, Michael Rhodes, has been dead for a year.

Brian and Elle Mitchell seem to be a flawless couple with a bright future from the outside looking in. Brian is a judge pursuing a successful career in politics. His wife, Elle, is the perfect trophy wife. She did not come from money, as Brian did, but she has many other intriguing qualities that define her–such as her beauty and attention to detail.

Brian suffers a debilitating stroke that requires him to receive a partial brain transplant. Elle notices an idiosyncratic change in Brian’s behavior after his recovery from surgery. The lies between them continue to tie up their relationship until Elle is forced to face that something is seriously wrong between them. She investigates her husband’s ominous and secretive behavior, assuming that he is having an affair. Elle questions everything, including her sanity, as continues to unveil her husband’s secrets.

The story takes a drastic change in course when she uncovers the truth behind Brian’s brain transplant and the villainous serial killer that he received it from. Elle is overcome with fear as she evaluates Brian’s strange behavior and wonders––could he possibly have inherited the mind of a serial killer?

As the unnerving relationship between Brian and Elle unfolds, the hunt for the copycat killer continues as the bodies start to pile up. The lead on the homicide investigations is Sergeant Wade McKinnon, a recovering alcoholic with an ongoing grudge against the convicted serial killer, Michael Rhodes. Sergeant McKinnon also has an eye for great detail. He can’t ignore the facts behind the killings. It seems unlikely that these killings could be a copycat to him as they are undoubtedly identical to those of Michael Rhodes’––the infamous Seattle Slasher.

The Recipient takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as the minds of all of these characters are questioned. The two entangled worlds of Mitchell’s debilitating relationship and Sergeant McKinnon’s murder investigation will entrap and captivate the reader until the last page.


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